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An Adventure on JTV, Herbie’s Part with Bart

I didn’t know Bill Cosby had a hound called Harry or that he would be competing at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show before Herbie and I appeared on JTV. Harry’s real name is Champion Hobergays Fineus Fogg. He was born in New Zealand six years ago, and he is not a hound. He’s a Dandis Dinmont terrier. Las Vegas has him at 28-1 to win Best in Show at Westminster.
And who knew Martha Stewart kept a Chow Chow called Genghis Kahn for a guard dog, or that he stays with her at the Plaza when they come to town for dog shows? One might suspect she would make his food by boiling Blue fish, skin, bones and all. I would venture a guess she would cool it until it became a gelatin and serve it over brown rice steamed with chopped broccoli, carrots, green beans and peas. Old Genghis probably gets this instead of kibble even when Stewart goes on the road. She told “Vanity Fair” he eats with her at the table because, “he is so regal.” Pretty flipping awesome. And, if that’s not enough, the damn dog will win Best in Breed at Westminster.
Herbie and I watch television like everyone else. But if only we had known his competition would be this stiff, we would have stayed home so he could chase squirrels.

But when Karen Hawley asked us to do a guest spot on Jackson TV with Bart, I figured, sure…why not? Herbie is a small town hound and Bart is a big, smart fish. Besides, it might help me sell the book I wrote about Herbie and the dogs of Clark Lake.
What we found at JTV was a relaxed cast, looking for a slice of Herbie’s life before he was hurled into the real world. They stuffed the Old English sheepdog into a chair next to Bart while their camera’s soaked up his ruggedly handsome, good looks. They treated Herbie like he was Cosby’s Harry, or Stewart’s Kahn…a star, not just a small town hound. Bart even took the time to shake his hand. Damn nice guy. Herbie admired him, too.

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