Minnie’s Potatoes

Minnie’s Potatoes is a historical romance novel about the journey of a cultivated urban woman from Prussia who is thrown into the pioneer life of Michigan’s early lumbering era, widowed and left with ten children to support. The question of the novel is, can this woman survive by brewing and bootlegging moonshine during Prohibition’s early days? The narrative was inspired by the life of the author’s great grandmother and is told in her voice.

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The Atomic Sailor

AtomicSailorCoverSMThe Atomic Sailor is a novel about fathers and sons, family secrets, and generations of sailors struggling with PTSD.

It’s a story of a father who couldn’t have a son because he was irradiated during the Cold War Atomic testing in the South Pacific, and a son who lost a father to suicide in the same military theater.

The question in this tale of historical fiction is what will happen when the men discover their fatal link?

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A Dog Who Was A Coward

Book-CoverCan a coward learn courage? Will a naive pup, mistakenly entrusted to remember Pottawatomie legends, pass the wisdom along to his pack? Or, did the Irish setter  make a mistake in choosing him?

Strongheart is the first finished novel of a trilogy about the struggle this mischievous canine has sharing a home with a blustering old man while balancing his duties to his pack. The second book, in process, takes the pup into the demanding dog show world. The third planned book finds the protagonist falling for the wrong bitch. All three novels will have legends of the local Native American Bear Clan woven throughout. It is historical fiction for young adults and adult readers.

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