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Stories about what I’ve learned about dogs.

Pastor Azzam’s Hunting Dog

Pastor Azzam was a good preacher. He delivered teaching sermons each Sunday at the country church on Johnsfield Road. Congregants often left the white clapboard-sided building arguing the meanings of his message. He taught Mom how to be a good Sunday school teacher. He lived with Mrs. Azzam and their two children in a tiny […]

You Silly Girl, Look What You Have Done!

Most Beatle’s fans think Paul McCartney’s song “Martha My Dear” was written about a girlfriend. Turns out it was about the Old English sheepdog he loved for fourteen years. “Hold your hand out you silly girl. Look what you have done,” is a line of lyrics he wrote in 1968. If you have ever had […]

Watch Herbie at the Westminster Dog Show

Grand Champion Ken-Bear’s Herbie the Love Bug will be competing for Best in Breed at Pier 94, Ring 6 at 1:30 P.M. on Monday, February 11. You can watch our Old English Sheepdog live on your computer at  Herbie will be in a group of Old English sheepdogs who look similar. Look for number 19 […]

Celebrity dogs can be as quirky as our own pets

by Brad Flory/ Jackson Citizen Patriot/ January 24, 2013 JACKSON, MI – One of the greatest national champions living in Jackson County still enjoys the simple pleasures of a normal life. For example, he once ate a sponge. He is Herbie, the nation’s seventh-ranked Old English sheepdog, who next month will make his debut in […]

Panty Fire

My good friend Cathy Drummands told me this story. Dad’s trained hunting dog was his reward for working six hours each night at a local garage after eleven hour shifts at Ford. “Don’t play with Elvis,” he warned us as he pounded the last nail in the dog’s new house. That dog lured us inside […]

What I Learned About Dogs Today…Biting

George, my first Old English sheepdog bit four people. I loved that dog and dismissed the first stranger who stabbed his hand at my dog’s face as ‘stupid.’ On three other occasions my dog more than mouthed people, he broke skin with his teeth. I never saw it as my loving dog’s fault. Our local […]