Laurice LaZebnik has a BS in Education from Central Michigan University. LaZebnik  taught secondary school Art and English, worked in international marketing and sales and in the local community as a volunteer. A licensed pilot and real estate salesperson, the author balances a social life with her husband with caring for elderly parents and her two dogs. She currently cheers and hoots for Herbie the Love Bug who is a Bronze Level Grand Champion Old English sheepdog, so far. To visit Herbie at dog shows across America, contact Laurice for a list of shows and dates.

The author’s knowledge of Old English Sheepdogs comes from the four who taught her all she knows from their POV during the past 20 years. Library research and interviews with neighbors whose families traded with the Bear Clan Pottawatomie provided information on the people who once lived on the land where the stories take place.


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