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    I absolutely loved being able to see the world through a dogs eyes. I have a dog and every time I look at her now, I try to think of what her life is like and what she thinks about. The whole concept of this book was really brilliant, the fact that the author was […] Read More

    Atomic Sailor

    Your book is very ambitious; the tangled tales, the attention to detail, historical and otherwise; the realistic dialogue, and finally, the readability. I feel now as if I know these people, and as in every good novel, they continue to exist beyond the page. Congratulations! This is truly a major feat. — Faye Moskowitz, author […] Read More

    Minnie’s Potatoes

    Minnie’s Potatoes has that Laura Ingalls Wilder appeal at a mature level. This historical romance is an adult “Little House on the Prairie,” set in Michigan’s lumbering era and it’s path through Prohibition. — Valerie Valentine Buy it now on Amazon! Available in print and Kindle versions. Read More


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Minnie’s Potatoes
This historical romance novel is about the journey of a cultivated urban woman from Prussia (my great-grandmother) who is thrown into the hard-scrabble pioneer life of Michigan’s early lumbering era. Widowed, and left with ten children to support, she survives by her wits and by brewing and bootlegging moonshine during Prohibition.

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The Atomic Sailor
This historical fiction novel set in the cold war, and is a story about a father who couldn’t have a son because he was irradiated during the Cold War atomic testing in the South Pacific, and a son who lost a father to suicide in the same military theater as well as their struggle with PTSD.
The question is … what will happen when the men discover their fatal link?

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A Dog Who Was A Coward

This story for young adults is about the double life of a dog named Herbie who learns (during a more civilized time) about how the Bear Clan and the Potawatomi lived in peace with each other, with wildlife, and with the brutal winter weather. Herbie is also mentored by a neighbor, an aging Irish setter who is looking pass on the mantle "Keeper of the Potawatomi Legends"

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